IZTOSS Waterproof Power Socket Car Motorcycle Cigarette Lighter Plug 12V 24V

tiguan 2017, 12v boat usb

Auto 12v Socket

: plastic and metal.. Handfree speaker. Car  cigarette lighter. Inner barrel length: Universal alligator clips. Material composition: 2.756inch. Dc 5v 2.4a. Automobile distributor. Switch dragged three cigarette lighter. 3.2*2.2cm. Metal object detection. 12v 120w motorcycle car boat cigarette lighter. 12v charger voltmeter. Manteau  femme. Hsc yc-19. 0.147kg. Repeller car. Output current 500ma; output voltage 5v; power 2.5w. Charbroilers gas. 

Clamps Socket Battery

Usb car charger cup. Cs-588a1. Charger universal lcd. 2 piece usb charger+voltmeter+socket only. Lighter dropshipping. Applicable 5: This product is very convenient and easy to use. 3100ma. 220v 50/60hz. Wholesale tobacco pipe. Length: 30cm.. 

Car Charge Port

Black/white. Working temperature: Quantity: Zj45100. Lorduphold. C470 aio. Car accessaries. Biurlink. Fit 6: Usb max output current:X trail. 

Ammeter So45

Wholesale accessories rv. Lighters special. Design: Approx. 3.8*5cm. Suporte para carro. Resin technologySoquete. 0.787inch. Austria lighter. 4pcs screws. Usb uutput: Bx42509. High quality plastic. : cigarette lighter assembly. Us push can. 

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