Brass gold Towel Ring,Towel Holder, Bathroom Accessories home decoration accessories

toilet bars, chrome towel bar modern

Gas. Holder

Length: Gender: Bathroom shower  towel ring gjke2807-1a. 5s-10s. Pattern style: Gcxhfxgj. 0.5kg. Stainless steel hardware rings. Bal4605. 1 x towel rings + 1 x the installation accessories. Wholesale towel bath. Xt1018. Kz-9801g. Kjhgj. Type1: LuxuryFinihsed: Asw-3002. Zr2200. Weyuu. 

Luxury Home Gold

Gold finished. 88805. Stainless steel hand rail. Mounting screws and decorative caps. Kt2010. Chrome/rose golden/gold. Artist rack. Polish + ceramics + crystal. Solid brass. Rose gold mount ring. Chrome remover. 

Towel Holder Gold

Bal8105. Winthome. 81302. Rose gold: Rounds towel. Dfrkjhre. 20* 17* 2.5* cm. Classic. Gold/chrome/black finish. G100-10. Hownifety. Bathroom. Pattern type: 6111f. Bathroom gadgets. Wire drawing oxidation. Er2400. Bl7704b. Mirror polish. Golden chrome rose golden finish. 

Luxury Gold Bathroom

Dg-8321f. 20170619. Mjh2100. Tea towel rack. Sus201. Chrome plating. Wholesale oil rubbed bronze handles. Luxurious. Fe-8605. Brushed. Towel holder: Base: Sus304 stainless steel. Yj-8153. Bathroom shower  towel ring gjqc2207a. Tr-0002. Black golden bathroom hardware. 

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