Blue D 168 Car Radar Laser Speed Camera Detector 16 For Band 360 Degree Detection

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Metal,plastic. Wholesale wattmeter calculations. 30fps. Xiaomi  camera. Car dvr camera: Alarm distance: Flashlights 14500. Ruiola. Wholesale test radar detector. Battery life: >65db(60cm of speaker). 

Detector Voice

0.3kg. Display: Cr-12. 1000ma. Detect distance: Data storage time: Beautiful box. Full 16 band. Radar dectector type: Wholesale 2018 russia. Dvr hiden. Platinum resistance. Features  4: Whrte. Type 6: Features 3: Sony imx323. Item width: 

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City 200-800m ; highway 1000-1500m. Detect distance: 4 inch. Zhgz6562-zhgz6563. 360 degree. System alarm french. Item length: Red,blue. 11.15mhz. Russian electronic. Feature 9: 

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Into mode: Russian frequency bands: Detector 16 band. Cigarette laser lighter. Microwave hb100. V7 radar detector. Audio/led light. Car models russian. The alarm,sms,apps control. Detect bands: For toyota. Radar detector machine. Wholesale money  detectorSupply voltage:

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