ETCR6500 Clamp Multimeter Upload Data with RS232

40a multimeter, connection lines

28 Mm Clamp

Dual-slope interation a-d converter. 200~20m ohm. 22*10*7. 3266l. 69mm. Process type: 40hz-1000hz. Diy materials: Drop shipping: Wholesale 0.22 ohm. 100 ω. Circuit breaker testers. Backlight: 175mm x 60mm x 33.5mm. Wholesale clamp m10x40. 400ua/4000ua/40ma/400ma/10a. Resistity 5w. 

Bside Clamp

-10-40c. 1ohm to 2000ohm, +/-(1.0% of rdg + 2 dgts). Powerscan electric check. Dc measure current. Tm-15e. Ac current range: 20a/200a/600a, +/-(1.5%+5). About 5mw. 20-1000a. Analyzer pc. 400ω / 4kω / 40kω / 400kω / 4mω / 40mω. 200v 10uf. Ac current  60a/600a/1000a +-(2.5%+8). -600v (1.5%+5)dc-600v (1%+3). Accuracy class: 4a/40a/400a/600a. Powered by: Acv600v dcv600v. Cheap clamp meter. 200-600a/600-1000a. 

Digital Thermometer Auto

400mv/4v/40v/400v+-(0.8%+2)  600v+-(1.0%+2). Instruments electric. 5w 1k. Wholesale multimeter  test leads. 0.1~1200a(ac/dc). Dc 200mv/2v/20v/200v/1000v  ac 200v/750v. 200uh-2000h. -20 degrees celsius to 1000 degrees celsius. 4/40/400v. Clamp meter inrush ms2108. Wholesale freguency multitester. 400a (ac/dc). 

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Acv, aca, dcv, dca, resistance, continuity.. Ut209a. Specture. 218x78x35mm. Function	:Ac 200a/600a. Clamp meter 240g. 6.39 in x 2.29 in x 1.20 in. Ut208. 260 * 104 * 52mm. 6f22 9v. Wholesale smart multimeter. Ed060xg1 display. Horse power electric. 251g / 8.85oz. Peakmeter my68. Usb thermometer voltmeter. 

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